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URLA Changes Coming! Free Partner Training 2/2


Yes, it’s really coming!  Having been delayed several times last year by Fannie & Freddie, it is confirmed that URLA (Uniform Residential Loan Application) is changing on March 1st, 2021.   Fairway Wholesale Lending is ready for this change and excited to share resources and training for our brokers to ensure a smooth transition.



February 2nd at 3:00PM CST 

Hosted by Radian

Facilitated by Richard A. Lauro, National Manager of Training

Richard has been at Radian over 12 years and in the mortgage banking industry for over 25 years.  He has held a variety of positions: processor, closer, underwriter and loan officer. His focus for the past 17 years has been on training technical and soft skills. With such rich industry experience he is an extremely versatile trainer.

What are the URLA changes?

URLA will become the new Fannie Mae 1003 and Freddie Mac 65 document.  It expands on the previous vesions but requires additional information from borrowers that was not required previously. Fairway Wholesale Lending has been preparing for these updates and we're ready to help you, our partners, to transition quickly so that you can continue to focus on providing exceptional service to your clients.


Check out these resources by Fannie & Freddie. Don't forget to register for our Free Partner Training on 2/2.



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