FLS Fee Schedules


Alabama Fee Structure    PDF  113.16k    
Arizona Fee Structure    PDF  98.87k    
Arkansas Fee Structure    PDF  115.22k    
California Fee Structure    PDF  111.80k    
Colorado Fee Structure    PDF  110.55k    
Connecticut Fee Structure    PDF  95.26k    
Delaware Fee Structure    PDF  19.30k    
Florida Fee Structure    PDF  151.87k    
Georgia Fee Structure    PDF  139.73k    
Hawaii Fee Structure    PDF  95.95k    
Idaho Fee Structure    PDF  109.60k    
Illinois Fee Structure    PDF  116.85k    
Indiana Fee Structure    PDF  114.05k    
Iowa Fee Structure    PDF  174.40k    
Kansas Fee Structure    PDF  113.88k    
Kentucky Fee Structure    PDF  174.35k    
Louisiana Fee Structure    PDF  113.97k    
Maine Fee Structure    PDF  103.17k    
Maryland Fee Structure    PDF  100.92k    
Massachusetts Fee Structure    PDF  99.33k    
Michigan Fee Structure    PDF  110.27k    
Minnesota Fee Structure    PDF  119.14k    
Mississippi Fee Structure    PDF  115.38k    
Missouri Fee Structure    PDF  161.11k    
Montana Fee Structure    PDF  111.73k    
Nebraska Fee Structure    PDF  113.52k    
Nevada Fee Structure    PDF  96.72k    
New Hampshire Fee Structure    PDF  23.15k    
New Jersey Fee Structure    PDF  29.88k    
New Mexico Fee Structure    PDF  101.18k    
New York Fee Structure    PDF  110.05k    
North Carolina Fee Structure    PDF  122.63k    
Ohio Fee Structure    PDF  118.19k    
Oklahoma Fee Structure    PDF  109.41k    
Oregon Fee Structure    PDF  108.09k    
Pennsylvania Fee Structure    PDF  112.30k    
Rhode Island Fee Structure    PDF  93.14k    
South Carolina Fee Structure    PDF  107.61k    
South Dakota Fee Structure    PDF  108.02k    
Tennessee Fee Structure    PDF  110.08k    
Texas Fee Structure    PDF  155.64k    
Utah Fee Schedule    PDF  102.97k    
Vermont Fee Structure    PDF  98.46k    
Virginia Fee Structure    PDF  118.99k    
Washington Fee Structure    PDF  110.33k    
West Virginia Fee Structure    PDF  111.26k    
Wisconsin Fee Schedule    PDF  110.72k    
Wyoming Fee Structure    PDF  29.42k    
12/18/17 Freddie Mac updates from 2017-23 become mandatory
01/01/18 URLA Demographic Information Addendum is effective under Home Mortgage Disclosre (Regulation C) final rule
02/09/18 Freddie Mac revisions to rental income 2017-12 become effective
03/11/18 Daylight Savings Time begins, where applicable set your clocks ahead 1 hour.


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